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We treat a variety of mental health issues for teens and adults.

Anxiety-excessive or high levels of worry, fear that interrupt daily life.

Depression-progressive depressed mood, with loss of interest in activities that causes significant disruptions to daily living.

PTSD-traumatic experiences that impact mental/social functioning whether past or present.

Bipolar with or without mania-Imbalanced mental state that causes dramatic changes to mood, energy, behaviors, and thought processing. This mental illness can impair one’s ability in judgment, rationality, and present dangers to physiologic stability.

ADHD - a mental health disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors making it difficult to complete tasks, stay organized, and stay focused.

Medication Management - psychotropic medication treatment for various mental illness with laboratory assessments that help to inform treatment progress and safety.

Work/life Imbalance - supportive therapy, helping you cope with life

OCD - Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to compulsive behaviors such as excessive handwashing.

Self-Esteem Issues - cognitive behavior therapy

Panic Disorder - sudden onset of feelings of terror when there is no real danger. You may feel as if you are losing control or a need to escape your present space/position.


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New Patient Consultation w/ Medical Management


New Patient Consultation/Diagnosis


Follow up visit


Medication Management


Supportive Therapy

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