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How long does it take to schedule appointment?​​

New patient appointments can be scheduled within 2-3 weeks. Follow up appointments within a month

How do you handle emergencies and acute crisis?

If you are experiencing an emergency is recommended you call 911 or go to nearest local ER (emergency room). If you are experiencing a mental health crisis such suicidal ideation or panic attack, please call 911 or crisis hotline at 602-222-9444 or 1834-536-4673, or text 4HOPE (44673).


What should I do if I experience an adverse medication reaction (rash, nausea/vomiting, chest pain etc)?

Please stop med and call our office for consult at 480-207-5205


Is there a patient portal?

Patients can only create a patient portal through invitation only.

What is Charm PHR for?

Charm Personal Health Record (PHR) enables users to access and track health records online. Patients and their family members can store and manage their health records under a single PHR account.

Users can access Charm PHR features to:

  • Add and manage health records like allergies, clinical problems, and other medical histories.

  • Communicate with their Practice or Provider effectively.

  • Share their health records with Practice members or others through the mail.

  • Book appointments and request medicine or supplement refills.

  • Track ailments and the treatment's progress.

  • Monitor health vitals and fitness goals.

  • Pay balances

Is there a patient portal app?

Yes, patients can download CHARM mPHR app from the App Store for IOS users, or Google Play or android users. Once you download the app you can login using your individual email or login and password.


Do you take insurance?

Insurance plans are listed on the website under services.


Do you charge for no shows or late cancelations?

A “No Show" – established client/patient does not arrive for a scheduled appointment within 20 minutes of the scheduled appointment time and does not call/notify office 24  hours in advance to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

A hundred dollars [$100 ] missed appointment fee will be charged to patients for “no show” appointments

How do I pay my bill?

Patients can pay their balances on the patient portal, or by clicking on make payment on their invoices they receive through email or in patient portal


How do you manage collection?

Patients are made at time of visit. If a patient cannot make their copay, deductibles, or coinsurance payments they may pay half of is owed to maintain their appointment or they will need to reschedule until such time as they can pay outstanding

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